Christ Presbyterian Academy


Beginning in freshman year, students are placed into a "homeroom" advisory group, led by an upper school faculty member. This advisory group remains together all four years of upper school, undergoing together the growth and transformation each year has to offer. Advisories create small group communities, a safe space in which students confide, learn, celebrate, and love one another, under the spiritual mentorship of the faculty advisor. 

A unique feature at CPA upper school, advisories equip faculty members to better carry out the mission of the school in the day-to-day schedules of school life. 

A Strong Peer Network

Grouping students into advisories creates a strong network of peers to share in the common experience of the upper school.

Allowing students a daily small-group setting for work, play, rest, and discussion builds community within the broader upper school context. Advisory groups create families; a place to celebrate accomplishments and encourage one another in daily walks of young adult life. 

A Setting for Deeper Discussion

Oftentimes advisory groups provide a setting for school-wide discussions reinforcing Chapel and Bible curriculum.

Because of the trusted, small-group setting, faculty advisors often use advisory time to open group discussion on issues of spiritual life, health, and wisdom. 

Increased Faculty Mentorship

Because advisories meet on a daily basis, time and opportunity for faculty input is increased.

Each faculty advisor plays an active role in group morale, learning objectives, and mentorship. 

A Four-Year Support System

Keeping the same advisory group together all four years of upper school creates a sense of lasting belonging and consistent support in the rapidly-paced years leading up to college.

In a very real sense, students grow up together from freshman year to senior year, experience wins, losses, and individual pursuits alongside one another.