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The Perspectives Series is an open forum for the Nashville community featuring locally and nationally revered speakers and thought leaders on topics of parenting, education, resilience, and faith. 

Offerings are open to all ages and will explore different perspectives of faith in action. Perspectives is open to the public and free of charge. Registration for fall 2022 sessions opens soon. 


Upcoming Sessions

Friday, February 10 - David Thomas - Raising Emotionally Strong Kids
What does it look like to raise kids with emotional strength? Kids who have the skills and resources to navigate all the moments of life - from the first day of school to conflict with friends, losing games to struggling with homework, facing challenges and developing resilience. Romans 5 reminds us that struggle produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. Kids can’t get to character and hope without first experiencing struggle. They need skills to move through struggle to get to hope. Emotional skills are learned skills, no different than learning to ride a bike or starting a new sport. These skills will center around the Strength of Emotion, the Strength of Connection and the Strength of Purpose. This class will equip parents and educators, grandparents and coaches, to help kids & adolescents develop three foundational ingredients for emotional health, known as the 3 R’s. You will walk away with questions to ask the kids and adolescents in your life, practical ideas and intentional practices for building emotional strength in your family. 

  • Location: SDC Lobby at 12 p.m. 
  • Attendees: Open to the public
  • Cost: Free ($5 box lunch option)
  • Register

Friday, April 21 - Laura Anderson - Navigating Disordered Eating in Adolescents
Awareness is the first step in supporting a child who may be struggling with disordered eating. Join us as we discuss risk factors, signs & symptoms, and ultimately; how we can best support the children we love through these challenging times.

  • Location: SDC Lobby at 12 p.m. 
  • Attendees: Open to the public
  • Cost: Free ($5 box lunch option)
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CPA Perspectives Highlights
Academy-sponsored programming to encourage, enlighten, and inspire the Nashville community

Bob Goff · Darryl Strawberry · David Thomas-Daystar Counseling Ministries · Dr. John M. Perkins · Stephen James & Chip Dodd-Sage Hill Counseling  · Southeast Psych · Anthony Ray Hinton · TN Governor Bill Lee · Homeland Security Internet Crimes Taskforce · Metro Nashville Police Department · Lauren King- Southeast Psych · Elizabeth Clement Webb, FBI · Rev. Dr. David Filson, CPC/CPA · Kyle Cruze, LMFT · Dr. Chip Dodd · Kari Kampakis · 

An Evening with Kari Kampakis

Kari Kampakis is an author, speaker, podcaster, and newspaper columnist from Birmingham, Alabama.

Her two books for teen girls, 10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know and Liked: Whose Approval Are You Living For, and her bestselling book for moms, Love Her Well: 10 Ways to Find Joy and Connection with Your Teenage Daughter, have been used widely across the country for small group studies.

Kari offered insight into the importance of connection with kids in different ways at different developmental stages of their lives. She discussed innate differences between girls and boys, and how those difference can be honored in communication styles, relationship habits, and key issues as children head into young adulthood. At the center of it all: relationship. 

Lunch with Elizabeth Clement Webb, FBI

In March of 2021, the Academy hosted Elizabeth Clement Webb, Public Affairs and Community Engagement Officer at Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). 

Working with the FBI has given Webb expertise on the state's leading security initiatives, particularly concerning children and safety from online predators. Webb shared with parents the need for intentional boundaries and healthy habits when it comes to young children online and responsible use for digital devices. Her talk with parents with both sobering as she reviewed active cases of online child abuse, but also empowering as she gave parents tools to engage technology in safe and meaningful ways.  

An Evening with Jennifer Pharr Davis

In February of 2020, the Academy hosted speaker, author, and competitive thru hiker Jennifer Pharr Davis. 

Jennifer is an Appalachian Trail record setter. Her stories of endurance and faith are inspiring to those in every walk of life. Attendees heard her stories from the trail, as well as her personal testimony, life of her family, and role the outdoors has played in her walk of faith. She shared the mountains she has climbed and the valleys she has traversed in her ongoing effort to witness God in creation. 

An Evening with Anthony Ray Hinton at CPA, The Sun Does Shine

In September 2019, CPA students and families were honored to hear from Anthony Ray Hinton, author of the CPA Woven summer read The Sun Does Shine. Hinton shared testimony of his 28 years spent on death row for a wrongful conviction of murder. Hinton seeks to export his experience, to give body and feeling to the statistics and figures surrounding topics such as incarceration, criminal justice reform, and the death penalty. 

An Evening with TN Gov. Bill Lee

In April 2019, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee visited campus to share his personal testimony of faith and trust throughout his life and the life of his family. Lee shared on his love of Tennessee, family history, and path to state government. His stories inspired attendees to follow a gospel trajectory throughout seasons of loss and listen for God's calling in all challenges. 

An Evening with Dr. John M. Perkins at CPA, Spring 2018

In 2018, the Academy hosted Dr. John M. Perkins, a leading voice on civil rights, racial injustice, and social activism. Key takeaways from Dr. Perkins included the importance of open conversation on topics of racial inequity and a call for reconciliation between racial divides in the Church.

Dr. Perkins also shared the important vision of his family's non-profit, The Perkins Foundation, and their active role in gospel-centered healing among communities of all backgrounds.