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CPA After-school Programs offer year-round enrichment opportunities for students grades K-8. The After-school programs seek to introduce students to diverse experiences, help them develop new interests, meet new friends, and learn special skills. Whether learning a new art technique or building a robot, offerings create a vibrant scene of exploration!

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Lower School Offerings: Spring 2019

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  • LEGO Robotics, Jr. (1st - 4th)

    LEGO Robotics, Jr. (1st - 4th)
    Instructor: Ian Mullins - Zugelder
    Tuesday/Thursday; 3 - 4:30 p.m.

    Would you enjoy learning about robots? In this class students will begin the skills they need to build and program robots. Problem solving in different and fun ways help student expand their 21st century learning skills. The first session is Thursday, February 21st. This offering meets Tuesday and Thursday for 6 weeks. 

  • Beginning Dance/Ballet (K - 2nd Grades)

    Ashli Spencer
    1st - 2nd grades
    Ballet, the “backbone” of all dance training, lays a foundation in terminology, coordination, rhythm, balance, and technique through barre and center floor work. From leaps and turns to across-the-floor combinations students establish technique, flexibility, stamina and artistry. On the final day there will be a Ballet Observation where students will demonstrate their work from the semester. (Dance attire: light lavender or black leotard, light pink tights, leather ballet shoes, optional skirt and hair pulled back). Final session is April 16th.
  • Ballet II (2nd - 4th Grades)

    Ashli Spencer
    2nd - 4th grades
    Whether a beginning student, or one who has taken previous classes, students will become proficient in fundamental dance posture, positions, movement and technique. Barre and center work, and across-the-floor combinations will expand strength, control, discipline confidence, and grace to excel in multiple dance genres. On the final day there will be a Ballet Observation where students will demonstrate their work from the semester. (Dance attire: black leotard, light pink tights, leather ballet shoes, optional skirt and hair in a bun). Final session is April 18th.
  • Jazz/Hip Hop (4th/5th Grades)

    Margaret Anne Owens
    4th - 5th grades
    Combining basic jazz technique with the upbeat urban dance moves of Hip Hop focus will be on proper dance technique with upper and lower body conditioning, isolations, across-the-floor progressions, patterns and combinations. Dancers will grow in flexibility, coordination, rhythm, confidence and self-expression. Fun, upbeat music and choreography will shape the work with developmentally appropriate lyrics/movements. On the final day there will be a Dance Observation where students will demonstrate their work from the semester. (Dance attire: black leotard, light tan tights, tan jazz shoes, black shorts or leggings and hair pulled back). Final session is April 29th.
  • Crossfit, Ninja Warriors and Games

    Beth Sheridan
    2nd - 5th grades
    Crossfit training focuses on a combination of cardio and strength training and is done in
    short bursts of time. The "ninja warrior" phase will focus on balance, speed and agility. The
    students will also get to role play in creating the final course for the "Team Ninja Games."
    This offering will provide a great opportunity to incorporate fitness in a fun and challenging
    environment; and teach students values that can be gained by being part of a team. Final session is April 17th.
  • Little Dribblers

    David Marmolejo
    K - 2nd grades
    Students will spend time working on the fundamentals of dribbling, passing and shooting. They will be introduced to these skills and how they apply to basketball and soccer. Final session is April 10th.
  • FIRST LEGO League, Jr.

    Tuesday/Thursday $200
    Ian Mullins-Zugelder & Meg Terry
    Session: January 8th – February 12th
    2nd – 4th grades
    We are excited to launch the start of our FIRST LEGO League, Jr. club this spring! This club captures the curiosity of young children, and directs it towards discovering the wonders of science and technology. Children explore and research a real-world topic, design and build a robotic model using LEGO elements, and then present their journey on a poster. We will also have an exhibition February 9th.
  • Artforms Studio

    Wednesday/$200 ($10 supply fee)
    Ian Mullins-Zugelder & Tara Stumpf
    4th – 5th grades
    Students will experience two different approaches to 3-D Art. They will alternate between the
    Art Room (Ms. Stumpf) and the STEAM Lab (Mr. M-Z) to create original 3-D artworks using clay
    and 3-D printing. Final session is April 10th.
  • Dollhouse Makerspace

    Tuesday/$200 ($20 supply fee)
    Tara Stumpf
    Grades: 4th – 5th grades
    Students will be constructing their own doll house with building codes. They will also be decorating the interior and making dolls to live in the house, as well. Final session is April 16th.
  • Art Studio

    Monday/$200 ($10 supply fee)
    Rachel Jones & Tara Stumpf
    K – 3rd grades
    Students will be exposed to different mediums and styles. Each week we will take
    on a new way of making and building to create stellar art! Final session is April 29th.

Middle School Offerings: Spring 2019

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  • Drama Club

    Anna Leigh McFadden
    Drama Club is a group of actors and performers that are charged and ready to launch into the theatre world inside and outside the classroom. If you love theatre and want to perform in scenes with your friends--this is the place for you! Final session is May 9th. Please note this club will NOT meet the following dates:
    March 14th --8th grade Washington trip
    March 21st--spring break
    April 11th --6th grade trip
    April 18th --7th grade trip
  • FIRST LEGO League

    Wesley Diggs
    This club is a year-long commitment that began in fall.
    FLL team builds robots to compete with other local schools. We collaborate globally and innovate a creative solution for each year’s theme.
  • STEM Club

    Stephen Owens
    Students will work on multiple projects utilizing skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. There will be opportunities to work individually and with a team. Final session is April 17th.
  • Visual Art Club

    Tuesday/$200 ($10 supply fee)
    Laura McFadden
    Art club gives students the freedom to explore the art mediums of drawing, painting, and sculpting in a personalized atmosphere. Final session is April 23rd.

Camps at CPA

Camps at CPA offer more than 50 camps and workshops with options for preschool through 12th grade (ages 4-18) in the areas of athletics, discovery, and the arts during the summer and winter.

All camps are open to the Nashville community! Be on the lookout this fall for informaiton on Winter at CPA camps. For specific questions, please email camps@cpalions.org.

K-5 After Care

CPA After Care is an opportunity for K-5 students to be in a fun, nurturing, and structured environment after school from 3:15 - 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Students will be served a snack and enjoy supervised playtime outside, followed by a quiet thirty-minute time for board games and/or homework. This program runs August through May.

There are 3 options:
5 days a week = $250
3 days a week = $200
2 days a week = $150
Families must register for the semester. No drop-in care is available. There is flexibility in choosing your days if you are registered for the 2 or 3 day program. Those may be different days each week according to your schedule.

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