Second grade visits Belle Meade Plantation

Second grade visited Belle Meade Plantation this week for a hands-on learning experience on Tennessee history. 
Students have just completed their unit on "People Long Ago," exploring how our past connects to our present, learning the events that have shaped our national culture, and finding new perspectives on our local landscape knowing its heritage.

Arriving at the plantation, students were greeted by docents dressed in period attire. Students were given a tour of the cabin on the property as docents walked them through the realities of daily routine in the early 1800's. Small things such as personal hygiene, games for children, and household chores were eye opening. The group was able to see the differences in the local landscape then and now, and learned about Nashville's roles in the post-revolutionary, pre-civil war era.

"This trip is directly aligned with their curriculum to see and understand how the past shapes the present. Students were transported to the days without technology, the days before Nashville was developed, and they are able to appreciate the ways in which our culture has advanced," explains Assistant Head of LS - Academics Amy Webster. 

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