Media and journalism students win big at THSPA

The CPA Yearbook Staff (The Lion's Roar) won Best Overall Yearbook in the state of Tennessee from the Tennessee High School Press Association. This is the staff's 15th consecutive title in the category, (...)
...proof of the excellence and creativity that goes into the program.

Several students on staff took home awards in the following categories:

Student Life Design: 1st Place, Madeline Littleton
Student Life Writing: 1st Place, Elaina Joy Sanders
Student Life Writing: 2nd Place, Nickolas Funk
Student Life Photo: 2nd, Mary Caroline Funk
Sports Design: 1st Place, Anna Avinger
Sports Design: 2nd, Madeline Littleton
Sports Photo: 1st, Savanna Dohler
Sports Writing: 1st Place, Langley Seibert
Sports Writing: 2nd, Joseph Hattan
Fine Arts Photo: 2nd Place, Savanna Dohler
Fine Arts Photo: 3rd Place, Kennedy Teasley
Fine Arts Writing: 1st, Ashley DuRard
Fine Arts Writing: 3rd Place, Elaina Joy Sanders
Fine Arts Design: 1st, Madeline Littleton
Fine Arts Design: 2nd, Anna Avinger
Academics Photo: 3rd Place, Jessica Huddleston
Academics Design: 1st Place, Anna Avinger
Academics Design: 2nd Place, Madeline Littleton
Academics Writing: 1st, Camille Klausner
Index Design: 1st Place, Madeline Littleton

“Watching all of the students' hard work pay off is one of the best moments I have had as yearbook adviser. They worked so diligently on this book for over a year, and it takes a village to create any yearbook. From editors, to writers, to designers, to photographers, they all collaborated to make a beautiful product," says Instructor of US Journalism Heather Nagel.

The CPA media arts program also took home nine awards at the conference, contributing further to the program's longstanding success in the Tennessee student journalism industry. See the student awards below: 

Multimedia: Best Audio Project: 1st Place, Carson Houk, Baker Avinger, Emme Teller, Andrew Gingras
Multimedia: Best Audio for Video Project: 1st Place, Phillip Fuller, Ethan Davis, Josh Wright, Emme Teller
Multimedia: Best Photo Essay: 2nd Place, Baker Avinger, Savanna Dohler
Best Videographer: 2nd Place, Baker Avinger, Nathan Johnson
Multimedia: Best Infographic/Photoillustration: 2nd Place, Savanna Dohler
Multimedia: Best Audio Project: 2nd Place, Emme Teller, Grace Roper, Trey Crunk, Madeline Littleton
Multimedia: Best Music Video: 2nd Place, Carson Houk, Baker Avinger, Emme Teller, Andrew Gingras
Multimedia: Best Audio Project: 3rd Place, Ellie Boster, Cooper Reynolds, Maggie Bevins
Best Videographer: 3rd Place, Carson Houk, Andrew Gingras


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