ON THE BLOG: 10 ways to survive and thrive during senior spring

Seniors, we are nearing the conclusion of the college search and application marathon. Some of you are waiting at the finish line, cheering on your classmates. Others have a few miles to go as you wait for final decisions, crunch numbers, 
and discern what’s next for you.

For all of you in this season of in-between, whether you know where you’re going to be or not, here are some tips for the next few weeks and months.

1. Take a deep breath
Remember that you have until May 1 to decide where you will be next year. Do not let internal or external pressure rush you if you need all of that time to decide. If a college is telling you that you need to make a decision or accept a scholarship award before May 1, let your counselor know. Doing so is a breach of the ethical code that governs most universities through the National Association for College Admissions Counseling.
2. The classic pro-con list
If you are having trouble deciding and keep going around and around in your head, consider a pro-con list. Start by making a list of your priorities, what you want out of the next four years. Try to do this without thinking about a specific school. Then look at your top contender schools and objectively evaluate how schools can meet those hopes you have.


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