Stories from the Classroom

Academic Dean Dr. Dawn Ruff ventures inside the classroom to highlight faculty innovation and moments of discovery. 

Andrea Denton, Eighth Grade Bible – Cradle, an exercise in sharing and listening 
Walking into Andrea Denton’s eighth grade Bible class was like walking into a cocoon of encouragement. Students were involved in an exercise called “Cradle,” where over the course of the year, students share their stories with the class explaining their first 13-14 years of life.
Students talk about family, friends, favorite memories, and some of them even share about their faith. After sharing, the class speaks words of encouragement and affirmation with each other. Students learn to demonstrate active listening, empathy, and love towards their peers. 
One student shared about his passion for hunting, fishing, and family. Students then asked lots of questions to get to know him on a deeper level. After all questions were asked, each student in the classroom gave him an affirmation. They then gathered around him and prayed for him. What an amazing way to affirm students and build community within the classroom!

Amy Tayes – Third Grade Science – Magnets
Essential questions, hands-on learning, and collaboration are front and center in Amy Tayes’ third grade Science class. Most of their activities include a partner and supplies. Their most recent challenge was to build a vehicle that can be moved by using the repelling force of magnets.
Students built cars and airplanes, and made them mobile with magnets. Modeling question-asking and critical thinking skills, Tayes talks to each team, asking each the plan that they have developed to test the magnets. Students were engaged and excited about their creations and their engineered magnetized movement. 

PreK Service Week
PreK students and their teachers, Haley Frye, Sarah Johnson, Leigh Graham, and Shelly Kite, learned a lot about the people that help run CPA during PreK Service Week. They particularly focused on the Administration, Dining Services, and Campus Facilities.
“We learned a lot about serving others and being encouraging,” commented Head of Preschool Lauren Overbeek.
From writing notes to staff, to making breakfast bags for the facilities staff, students participated in the joy of serving those that serve you. Students also made gift bags for patients at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. Students really began to make connections and understand that their small acts of kindness can make a big difference. It is awesome to see these lessons brought to the early stages of education.
Anna Chapman – Ninth Grade Geometry 
Who knew how fun Geometry could be with students learning alternate exterior and interior lines to the beat of Bruno Mars’ hit “Uptown Funk?” Students had a blast using their feet to place the lines on the corresponding grid. Lots of laughs, lots of motion, lots of learning, and 100 percent participation!

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