Preschool celebrates Children Around the World Week

CPA preschool celebrated Children Around the World Week this week. This unit on international cultures provided an exciting glimpse into the lives of our global peers and an immersive learning experience for the Academy's youngest students.
Each classroom represented a different country for the week. Teachers decorated classrooms with national flags, memorabilia, souvenirs, and art from Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Uganda, China, Brazil, France, Italy, and Mexico! Each day of the week included themed lessons on different aspects of life in the class's country. 

The Italian classroom learned about the city of Venice, Italian customs, food, music, and history. The French classroom studied French monuments, language, and even ate baguettes and cheese for snack. On the final day of the celebration, each class showcased its country to the entire preschool. A festival with foods from each country, photo booths, costumes, and music commenced! Middle school Latin and Chinese classes also visited to participate and offer some of their own lessons to students.

"It's one of our favorite hands-on weeks. It is wonderful to see the students come alive when they learn about other children living all over the world. It's so important that we celebrate other cultures and inspire our students to expand their horizons, even from a young age," says Head of Preschool Lauren Overbeek.

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