Fifth graders research low-waste solutions at CPA

Fifth graders Adelaide Funk and Maddie Hicks are exploring what it means to live a "low waste" lifestyle, and they have shared their passion for sustainability with their peers, as well as Academy administration. 
Presenting to the administration last week, Adelaide and Maddie defined the benefits of reducing waste in day-to-day dining operations at CPA. The girls gave a comprehensive overview of how much waste humans create throughout their daily routines, shared simple ways that they have already cut down waste in their own lives, and suggested operational improvements for school-wide implementation. 
"It's not hard to cut down on waste, you just have to think about the little parts of your day more often. All of this stuff just goes to the landfill, and that can impact our environment in negative ways," explained Maddie. 
Adelaide is a member at a local climbing gym, and she became interested in sustainability from observing the climbing community there. 
"Some of the climbers I know live out of their vans and travel the country to climb. They are really good at living low-waste because they have to with their living space. It's kind of neat because they don't have a ton of stuff, and everything they own serves a purpose," says Adelaide.
The students hope to continue research on reducing, reusing, and recycling in hopes of inspiring their classmates to join their efforts. 

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