Alumni Joseph Eberle recognized at Garth Brooks concert

It's exciting to see CPA alumni doing big things in the world! Joseph Eberle '08 got a shoutout from Garth Brooks at this weekend's Nashville concert for the country music superstar. Currently a crew member for Brooks, Joseph was recognized for his exceptional work on tour and his personal strength and character. 
Joseph has been running tech for productions ever since his early years with CPA Arts. 

It was fairly easy to find Joseph Eberle ’08 during his high school years at CPA. When not in class, Joseph could usually be found in the booth, running sound or lights for a variety of events and productions. In high demand even as an underclassman, Joseph became skilled in the technical production.

He tells of the unique education at CPA in the arts where he had the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art soundboards in a gymnasium. “Being a board operator for 30 channels of wireless is unheard of in a hard-surface gym,” states Joseph. 
Working with an artist as well known as Brooks, Joseph is the youngest member of a seasoned crew. Responsibilities with lighting rails and power grids for the show are  complex and often intricately timed with load-in/load out requirements to stay on schedule for the shows. The pressures and details could be daunting for a highly experienced technician, and Joseph cites his experiences at CPA with building professional-level skills and confidence. 
Joseph says he learned a myriad of skills under the excellent teaching and training from technical director Shane Caudill and then technical theatre instructor / backstage manager Eleanor Eggers. Because Joseph knew how to call a show, run a cue-to-cue lighting rehearsal, design rehearsal schedules, and more, he stayed busy with jobs in performance at Furman University throughout his four years of undergraduate work.
What is it like to tour with Garth Brooks? Joseph quickly acknowledges Brooks is a master entertainer and states admiringly, “He doesn’t really need the lights and the effects. He could hold an entire audience mesmerized all by himself on any stage.” 

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