CPA lower school celebrates 500th anniversary of Reformation

CPA lower school students celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Reformation with themed activities, active learning experiences, special guest speakers, and more. Students learned about the life and times of Martin Luther, starting with a "Luther relay."

Stations in the relay included:
  • A Katie Luther escape station- they used pool inner tubes to create the effect of being in a barrell and escaping as Katie von Borra Luther escaped her convent before marrying Martin
  • A 95 theses station- they nailed the 95 theses on a door, learning the significance of this action by Luther
  • Burning of the papal bull- throwing the papal bull into a fire as Luther rejected the threat of banishment and refused to recant
  • Speech at the Imperial Diet in Worms- they recited part of Luther's speech in Worms 
  • Translation of the Scriptures into German- they learned about and transcribed the Scriptures from Latin to English 
Other special learning activities included writing with a quill and ink, nailing Sola Gratia ("grace alone") on the doors surrounding the church building, learning about the symbolism of the Luther Rose with edible building blocks, and hearing from Martin Luther himself (portrayed by CPC Pastor David Filson). Students made their own printing presses with crafting supplies and letter stamps. 

"This goal of this unit on the Reformation was to help students understand the deeper impacts of the movement: God is faithful to His Church, the Reformation must continue, and every generation must fight for the Bible, and that God does extraordinary things through ordinary people. Luther's crusade changed modern global life as we know it, the existence of our country, and not just Biblical literacy, but general literacy of the commoner," explained third grade instructor and event organizer Beth Graham. 


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