CPA College Counseling works with students of all ages

CPA College Counseling works to assist students in finding their post-secondary paths. Their counsel spans areas including preparing for college, the college application process, scholarship opportunities, career counsel, and post-secondary decision making. This month, college counselors have welcomed 46 colleges to campus for meetings with students, hosted guest speakers for students and parents, and led all-day workshops for seniors as they enter the college application process.
This week, CPA middle school students celebrated College Week, a week designed to educate and excite young students about higher education. Whether through college t-shirt day, college trivia, or the college tailgate, these activities led students to start thinking about life after twelfth grade. The college counseling team facilitated a panel of seniors to speak to eighth grade students about early preparation for college. Senior advice spanned from academic engagement to prayer around the college decision. 

"Our goal for these assemblies is to expose students to all kinds of colleges across the country. With eighth graders, we talked about choices that lead to a happy, healthy, successful upper school experience which, in turn, helps them be better equipped to discern what college might be the best fit for them. This ultimately ushers them into their journey of growth to who God has called them to be," explained College Counselor Catherine Sawyer. 

After several weeks of intensive work with CPA students, the college counseling team visited juniors and seniors at partner organization Legacy Mission Village to lead a workshop on college applications. Over 20 LMV students attended and shared their backgrounds with the team. 

The team, located in the upper school, includes Catherine Sawyer, Elizabeth Raymond, and Ben Gatlin. To see where members of the Class of 2017 are now, check out page 16 in the CPA Magazine.

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