Spanish Projects Impact the Real World

As the semester draws to a close, it is common for classes to have year-end projects to review the semester’s content. In Spanish II, these projects assessed much more than curriculum knowledge. While the project involved new vocabulary and required students to make use of specific content, the merits of the project extended far beyond learning the Spanish language. Students became entrepreneurs, tasked with creating a product and using that product to benefit others. Students navigated the challenges that arise in creating a product from scratch, in a second language. One pair of students published a children’s book in Spanish, which they read at a local preschool. Another pair created translation pamphlets, with specialized phrases and terms specific to the top three industries for Spanish-speakers. The students then spent a day testing their pamphlet on a jobsite and getting feedback from native Spanish-speakers. Another student aimed to raise $2000 to purchase school shoes for the students at Colegio de Bachilleres in Isla Mujeres, Mexico through "Project Zapatos". After corresponding in Spanish with a personal contact at the school, she set up a GoFundMe and raised $3,070. The CPA student then flew to Cancun, Mexico and purchased the exact sizes needed by the local students, ultimately purchasing 143 pairs of shoes! The wide variety of projects reflected individual student creativity, innovation, knowledge of the Spanish language, and consideration for others.
Of Project Zapatos, Spanish teacher Ms. Beall commented, “It was very cool to see the student use her love for the Spanish language and culture in order to make an impact in the real world.”

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