Fifth Grade Students Host International Festival

At the CPA International Festival, students gained more than academic facts and knowledge about a different country; they became immersed in the history and culture of another part of the world, while considering how God is at work across the globe. 
Prior to the festival, students learned true academic research, such as locating and citing credible sources. After gathering information, students formulated a research paper documenting their selected country’s national history, government, and culture. They also discussed Psalm 67 and considered what sharing the Word of God would look like in that country.
Then, rather than simply write about their research, students applied their knowledge to transform the Event Center into an International Festival! Students served as ambassadors for their chosen country through a museum-style presentation that allowed parents, peers, and Academy students of all ages to explore four different continents or regions, including Africa, Asia, Europe, and North/Central/South America. Students also came to school dressed in native attire, inspired by a famous leader, figure, or historical era of their country. Presentations were further enhanced by a multitude of souvenirs, photos, travel brochures, props, and more. Each student creatively set up his or her display and showcased a student-created, online travel brochure at each personal travel booth.
Fifth grader Ellie shared, “I studied Zimbabwe originally because my family has sponsored a child from there. In my research, I learned there is so much more to Zimbabwe than I realized. It is a beautiful country.”
After the tours, the student ambassadors were treated to a parent panel, in which CPA parents shared their experiences traveling to different countries or living abroad. Students loved hearing the stories and seeing the Great Commission of Matthew 28 brought to life.

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