CPA MS Sixth Grade Students "ESCAPE"

Are you familiar with the popular team-building and brain-bending game, Escape? As a team, you are asked to solve million dollar heists, decode secret service missions, and navigate through prison passageways- all in one hour.

The CPA sixth grade Bible students were treated to their own version of “Escape” in which their knowledge of the Bible was put to the test to unlock a treasure box and officially “escape”. Teacher Keri Perry developed an elaborate series of riddles, clues, and tests to create a truly engaging way to review Biblical content. At one station, for example, students answered questions regarding numbers they studied in the Bible (e.g. the number of tribes of Israel). Then, based on clues in the question prompt, students deduced that they needed to add the numbers together to get the combination to one of the four locks on the treasure box. At another station, students answered multiple choice questions based on course content. Each correct answer corresponded to a letter. The letters then had to be unscrambled to form a word, which was a clue to the location of a hidden key for a second lock. As the teams raced against the clock to unlock all four locks, they were constantly required to communicate, collaborate, and think critically. The result? After unlocking the box, students were rewarded with “I Escaped” stickers, candy, and a thorough review of content.
Sixth grade student Thomas said of the experience, “My favorite part was the teamwork. We had to work together to dig into the Bible stories for the answers. Some of the clues were really difficult.” 

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