20% Projects Provide Real-World Assessment Opportunities

While there is much value to traditional testing and assessment, there is also much to be gained from alternative assessments, in which students have the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of more than a textbook understanding of content. Enter the 20% Projects. These projects have been incorporated in several different subject areas in the high school classroom, including Anatomy, Ecology, Spanish, Latin, and Media Arts. While different teachers take slightly different approaches to these projects, they all have a similar structure: create an original product; construct a business model to promote that product; and pitch and defend the model to peers and teachers. During the pitch, teachers and staff review the product and critique the presentation. Each presentation is then followed by an intensive question and answer time.
Students spend nine weeks developing their products, with work done in and out of the classroom. Time management, creativity, and problem-solving skills are developed and tested along the way. This semester, some amazing products came to fruition, from the Attack-Pac: Personalized jewelry that works as a defense aid to ULife: a phone application for tracking healthy food option on college campuses to IncrEDIBLE Crayons – Edible non-toxic crayons for kids.
Anatomy and Ecology teacher Jeremy White commented, “We have had some truly ingenious designs and thoughts for improving human life and our world. These projects encompass aspects of business, medicine, ecology, philosophy, psychology, and many more spheres of society to make them a truly holistic endeavor. In addition, students truly value the insights and opinions from guest teachers and administrators during the presentation, as some of these products could move on to actual development.” 

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