Sixth Grade Chefs Win FLIK Dining Culinary Competition

Six CPA Middle School sixth grade students traded paper and pencils for spatulas and skillets as they formed one of four teams competing in the FLIK Independent School Culinary Competition. Celebrity chef Jet Tila hosted the special event.
Four teams of chefs, comprised of sixth grade chefs from CPA, Brentwood Academy, Harding Academy, and The Oak Hill School, competed in a three-round elimination cooking competition. In each round, the teams were assigned a dish to create, with sabotages- such as ingredient substitutes and loss of equipment- awaiting them in every round. The team whose dish was judged the least satisfactory was eliminated from the game, until only one team of chefs remained.
We are so proud of the CPA chefs, along with CPA’s Chef Manager Neil Overbrook, for WINNING the competition and making some incredible dishes along the way! One judge even wanted to market and serve one of CPA’s sabotaged dishes- Kale Caesar Salad. In addition to the food and fun, this team of chefs practiced the twenty-first century skills targeted at CPA: Communication and Collaboration, Creativity and Innovation, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision-Making. Perhaps most important, this innovative and friendly competition benefited those in need, as all donations at the event were matched by FLIK to benefit Second Harvest Food Bank.
Sixth-grade chef Garrett said, “The sabotages were tough, especially replacing ingredients, but we worked together and got through it. We even had to add anchovies to a Caesar salad, but we made it work. I liked being the first students to do this at CPA. That made it really special.”

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