Fifth Grade Students "Pay It Forward"

Students, it seems, are always waiting for the day to be the oldest of their respective schools; many privileges accompany the coveted status. At CPA, fifth graders are granted the privilege of conducting morning announcements and holding speaking roles in the Academy programs. One group of fifth graders, however, decided to use their position to grow in leadership and kindness. Appropriately titled “Fifth Forward,” a group of sixteen fifth grade students have committed to “paying forward” kindness. The idea of “paying forward” acknowledges that kindness has been received and must, in turn, be shared. In addition to growing in their understanding of giving and receiving kindness, these students become role models for the younger students. To be involved, students must express interest, submit an application, and obtain a teacher referral. After being accepted into the program, students pay kindness forward through such tasks as opening doors at the beginning and end of the school day and serving as greeters on campus on a rotating schedule.
Participant Caroline explains, “Sometimes younger kids want to walk into school with someone. We are there to be a friendly face and help them be excited about starting their day.” 

Christ Presbyterian Academy

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