CPA History Teacher Receives the 2017 Middle Tennessee Holocaust Educator Award

Teaching the Holocaust is a weighty and important task. Memphis entrepreneurs and philanthropists Jack A. Belz and Ira Lipman understood this challenge and established the Belz-Lipman Holocaust Educator Award, recognizing outstanding educators who excel in the teaching of the Holocaust. Each year educators from East, West, and Middle Tennessee are honored. This year, the 2017 Middle Tennessee Holocaust Educator Award winner is CPA AP American and AP European History Instructor Dan Carpenter.
According to Carpenter, “The Holocaust must be studied because, as deplorable as the events were, it would be a further tragedy if those stories of suffering were forgotten. I also believe students today must study the Holocaust in order to realize that the Holocaust victims were people with hopes and dreams, just like us. When that type of empathy takes place, students begin to understand their responsibility to work for justice in our present world.”
His impact on future generations is indelible. CPA colleague and college counsellor Catherine Sawyer said of Carpenter’s teaching, “In an age of entitlement and instant gratification, to be able to “hook” a student and ignite his or her intrinsic- but often dormant- thirst for knowledge, truth, connection, and meaning is an increasingly difficult task, a fine art if you will. Dan Carpenter is one of the finest artists in our school. He is an expert clinician and is also deeply beloved, revered, and respected by his students and those of us who are privileged to work alongside him.”
The award recipients will be honored at a special ceremony sponsored by the Tennessee Holocaust Commission (THC) on Tuesday, March 7, 2017, at 10:30 a.m. at the State Capitol in the House Chamber. The commemoration ceremony is free and open to the public.

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