MS Robotics Club gets hands-on experience with surgical robots

The CPA MS Robotics Club was invited to participate in a demonstration of robotic surgical equipment, giving the students a glimpse into the enormous potential robotics has in the world. Dr. Tyson Thomas, CPA parent and general surgeon at St. Thomas Health, arranged for the club to have a hands-on experience while meeting with surgeons and professional robotics designers. During the demonstration, students assumed the roles of doctors, using the robotics equipment to manipulate grasping tools and rubber bands simulating banding and suturing maneuvers that would be performed during real surgical procedures. Another robot operated in a virtual world, allowing users to practice dexterity and accuracy to prepare for more difficult tasks.
MS Robotics Club Director Wesley Diggs said “The surgeons and designers talked to us about how students seem more adept to learning how to use these robotic tools.  Younger students are more accustomed to virtual environments where they manipulate objects through different controllers or systems.  It was so much fun to be with the students as they learned the system and engaged with the robotics platform.”

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