CPA is proud to recognize and honor the Valedictorian and Salutatorian of Class of 2017

Attending CPA since preschool at the age of two, AJ Thomas has long been a leader in her class in multiple respects, defining the well-rounded student. She served on the costume crew for the arts productions throughout high school and became costume crew manager her junior and senior years. She was a member of the volleyball, softball, and lacrosse teams. In addition to participating in multiple mission trips, Thomas served regularly as a tutor at Preston Taylor ministries and as a middle school small group leader at her church. Her academic achievements include multiple student achievement awards in honors and AP level courses. Thomas also uncovered a great talent and passion for journalism since joining the yearbook staff her freshman year. After serving as a writer, photographer, and assistant editor for CPA’s nationally ranked yearbooks, she was named Editor-in-Chief her senior year. Her passion for journalism guides her college decision, as she plans to major in journalism next year.
Annie Wang arrived in Nashville from China in the summer of 2014 and entered her sophomore year at CPA, coming to the United States to receive an education and live with a host family for the remainder of her high school career. Pursuit of a Christian education was a distinctive part of Annie’s placement at CPA as an exchange student from China. Although living far from her family and adjusting to the culture and language in the U.S., Wang embraced and excelled in all that life at CPA had to offer her. She quickly became involved in the arts, joining the advanced vocal group Vision, performing in multiple plays and musicals, attending the Governor’s School for the Arts, and contributing her award-winning artwork to shows and competitions inside and outside the school. Academically, she rose quickly to the top of her class, excelling in a heavy course load of AP courses and garnering several student achievement awards. Wang also became an active member in the community at large, as part of her local church, and serving in a variety of nonprofit organizations during her summers in China. After graduation, Wang plans to stay in the United States for college and major in Biomedical Engineering. 

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