Arts Students Perform at Thespian Conference

CPA high school theatre students completed an impressive weekend at TN State Thespian Conference participating in presentations, workshops, and awards with and for high school arts programs from across the state. The cast and crew of The Children's Story, directed by Karen Joy Thomas, performed their one-act play. Theatre students Lauren Hutchens, Mattie Cox, Elaina Nischan, Jay Perry, Kate Klausner, Glory Guy and Adelaide Leonard were selected by adjudicators from the Performance Showcase auditions to perform for the entire Tennessee State Thespian Conference. 
The Children’s Story director Karen Joy Thomas explained “ThesCon is a wonderful experience where we meet other students and teachers like us: people who love to tell a story. Classes, performances, friendships, learning & laughter...all with students from other schools, with other experiences, from other walks of life.  That sums up the conference. One guest teacher said to me, ‘This is a special conference.  It's magical!’  And I would agree. CPA Thespians had a chance to help create and experience that magic.  I'm so grateful we had the opportunity to attend.”

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