Faculty starts 2017 with focus on the power of essential questions

As spring 2017 commences at CPA, faculty gears up for the semester by focusing on the power of essential questions. Essential questions include big picture, overarching, debate-sparking questions with no right or wrong answer. 
Academic Dean Dr. Dawn Ruff led discussion on essential questions at the professional development opening session this week, exploring the importance of questions that spur conversation, lead thoughts, and guide learning. 
Childhood curiosity diminishes between the ages of five and twelve. Dr. Ruff shared research pointing to the importance of curiosity in the learning process for children and adults alike. She also presented research linking higher order thinking questions to higher standardized test scores. She urged faculty to "fan the flame of curiosity by asking questions to our students that spark their interests and imaginations."
Although teachers may share an essential question with their class, the long-term goal is for students to become better questioners. Ultimately, the ability to question is central to meaningful learning and intellectual achievement.

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