CPA middle school art students launch line of toy monsters

MS visual art students recently participated in a collaborative art project, learning the steps to create and implement a basic business plan. Their company, “Monsters Ink,” made up of sixth, seventh, and eight graders, designed, produced, and marketed a line of model toy monsters.
The first phase featured seventh grade students designing toy monsters, working together through the creative process to develop characters with different aesthetics. After the designers submitted their creations by proposal, a team of students served as product development specialists to select names and narratives for each monster.
“The challenges of this particular phase included keeping design concepts cohesive and ensuring the feasibility of sculpting materials and production capabilities,” explained Instructor of MS Visual Art Laura McFadden.
Sixth graders owned the production of the monsters, sculpting and painting prototypes based off of the seventh grade design proposals. Students honed the art of interpretation as they produced these three-dimensional objects from another artist’s two-dimensional drawing.
Eighth grade picked up the post-production marketing process, determining packaging, character logos, advertising, and market research. Students learned the intricacies of bringing a product to market, addressing questions of branding, retail placement, and competitor analysis.  
“This project was challenging, rewarding, and fun for students. Having different classes work together on a global business plan allowed students to practice skills in teamwork, communication, creativity, and leadership,” says McFadden.

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