CPA first grade takes flight at Edwin Warner Park’s bird banding

CPA first grade students recently visited Edwin Warner Park to witness the fascinating practice of “bird banding,” integral to the study of bird species and their migration patterns. Students gathered to observe at the Warner Parker Nature Center, the center for outdoor recreation, natural history, and education for the 2,684 acres of the local park system.
The park’s Bird Education and Research team is tracking the fall bird migration of several Tennessee warblers, gray-cheeked thrush, and other species on their journey home for the winter. The long-term migration patterns enthralled students: the same birds return to the park for winter year after year, traveling thousands of miles to arrive on the same day each year.
Students got a front-row seat to the team’s work as birds were carefully caught in invisible nets, weighed, identified, banded, and released. Park specialists explained that bird banding is an important practice for the conservation of certain species. Leading up to the trip, first graders each made their own bird nests as they researched bird habitats and nesting patterns. They even collaborated to construct a giant nest out of materials they found in their CPA Playscape.
“This trip specifically targeted students’ investigative skills as they explored a natural phenomenon taking place in their own back yard at Edwin Warner. They were fascinated as they watched the process up close. Wonder, curiosity, and asking questions are all part of the process of discovery,” explained Elementary School Principal Kelly Fuller.

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