Sixth grade learns the art of afternoon tea

Sixth graders recently completed a geography unit on the U.K., it’s history, culture, and customs. As an experiential portion of the unit, students participated in the Sixth Grade English Tea, sponsored by Parent Connect.
At this event, students enjoyed the long-standing custom of afternoon tea. Henry James once wrote, “There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” This exercise is about more than just a spot of tea and tasty finger foods. The tradition of afternoon tea stands for relaxation and refreshment. It breaks up a busy schedule to savor hot tea and the company of others. 
Guest speaker Simon Hartland grew up in Britain, and has lived and worked in Franklin for 18 years. Hartland offered insights on the practice of tea time as students enjoyed the customary British delicacies. He explained that the British appreciate social decorum and have continued to observe this small, afternoon break from business.
Students were seated at tables arranged with fine china, fresh flowers, and cloth napkins. They learned the difference between "white tea" with milk and "black tea" without milk, the English term for cookies is "biscuits," the difference between afternoon tea and high tea, and the importance of manners in a social setting. 

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