Story Theatre shares universal themes

As the ice from the March storms melted, Story Theatre audience members were warmed with laughter as they enjoyed the skilled and delightful storytelling from CPA’s Theatre II students.
Portraying favorite characters from the Grimm Brothers’ Collection and Aesop’s Fables, the actors brought to life Henny Penny, the Golden Goose, The Fisherman and his Wife, The Bremen Town Musicians, and other favorites. The Tony award-winning script, adapted for stage by Paul Sills, included the universal themes of kindness, bravery and perseverance that have a lasting appeal.
“Performing children’s theatre is a rich experience for these actors,” explained Story Theatre Director and Theatre II Instructor Karen Joy Thomas. “It allows a unique opportunity to engage in outside-the-box playfulness, problem solving, innovation, and communication, giving them freedom to step outside themselves; this is both a vital tool as an actor and a great 21st-century life skill.”
Despite several cancelled rehearsals due to snow, the cast and crew gave a flawless and energetic performance and then graciously posed for photos with the appreciative younger members of the audience. 

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