Class of 2019 matriculation trends

May 1 was National College Decision Day, and CPA's Class of 2019 has almost entirely committed to college decisions this week. The Office of College Counseling is proud to announce the following statistics on matriculation. 
This year, the Class of 2019 submitted 500 applications (4.76 per student) to 127 unique institutions in 34 states and 2 foreign countries. 

Offers of admission were extended from 103 of those institutions, and the overall admission rate for the class was 85%. 

Out of those 127 schools, 60 received an application from only one CPA student. The institution receiving the most applications from CPA this year was the University of Mississippi (54), eclipsing the University of Tennessee (49) for the first time since at least 2003. After those two schools, the schools with the next largest groups of applicants were Auburn University (31), Mississippi State University (18), Samford University (16), and The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga (15).
Overall, students will go in 45 directions next year. Students will attend 41 different 4-year colleges and universities in 18 states and one foreign country (Scotland). Two students will be participating in a joint-degree program (or program depending on host country) between The University of St. Andrews in Scotland and the College of William and Mary. 
Thirty-one students have accepted offers of admission from private schools while 71 will attend public universities. Thirty percent of students will remain in Tennessee with Alabama receiving the next largest percentage (21%) and Mississippi the third (14%). The schools matriculating the largest cohorts of CPA graduates of the Class of 2019 are as follows:
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville (15)
Auburn University (11)
The University of Mississippi (11)
Furman University (6)
Samford University (5)
Twenty-five students will be “lone-rangers” at their institution. Of those 25, 13 will be "trailblazers" meaning that they represent the first CPA student to attend since their class has been in upper school.
The schools with the first attendees since the Class of 2015 are:
Asbury University
Biola University
Calvin College
Cleveland Institute of Music
College of William & Mary
Georgetown University
University of Florida
University of Illinois-Chicago
University of Memphis
University of St. Andrews
University of Wyoming
Virginia Tech
Wright State University
We also have a duo of trailblazers headed to Georgetown University and a trio of trailblazers headed to Wheaton College next year.

"We have loved walking this long and winding path with these 107 uniquely gifted individuals. The month of May is a sad one for the three of us as we close the book on their application process and prepare to say goodbye. However, it is with great joy that we look forward to seeing their journeys unfold as we continue to pray that they would keep their eyes on Jesus," says Director of College Counseling Catherine Sawyer. 

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