Senior Nicholas Hinson presents research to Junior Academy of Science

Senior Nicholas Hinson has conducted his senior research project on the affects of varying concentrations of caffeine on the mass and pH of mucus secretions in earthworms. 
Nicholas's project and findings have been selected for presentation at the Junior Academy of Science at Belmont University on April 26. This week, he presented to an audience of faculty, staff, and students. 

Nicholas fed earthworms different amounts of caffeine based on the amounts in popular caffeinated beverages and monitored their mass and pH over a period of 5 weeks. Caffeine did not significantly impact mass, but it did significantly impact the pH of the mucus secretions. The secretions became very alkaline/basic. He hypothesized that the caffeine possibly disrupted the digestion process of a common bacteria in the earthworm that ultimately affects how the earthworm processes food and produces its mucus.  

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