Fifth grade cross curricular project: talking fish

Fifth grade students recently completed a cross-curricular endeavor with art, English, Science, and STEAM instructors. Students created a talking fish sculpture for this project focusing on the fish of Tennessee. 
Students studied and selected species of fish native to Tennessee. 

The Art Project:
In art class with instructor Tara Stumpf, each student chose a fish (native to Tennessee) and used cardboard, paper, and tape to build an inner armature to make a strong foundation for their fish sculpture. Students then added a layer of plaster paper mache to their fish to reinforce the shape, using paint in layers to embellish their fish. 

Poetic Expression: 
In English class, students learned the art of the haiku including the cultures that use the haiku as an expressive poetic form. Each student composed a unique haiku about their fish, its characteristics, its experience and environment. 

The STEAM Element: 
Students used the HP Reveal App, a new extended reality platform from HP, to animate their sculptures. Using the software, they coded their fish to respond to a mobile scan. This creates a live animation feature for each fish. When a fish is scanned with the app, it recites the student's unique haiku of their fish- as if the fish was talking to its audience! 

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