Eighth grade '40s Day honors The Greatest Generation

Eighth grade '40s Day featured a collaboration of multiple subject areas, with a service-minded approach, resulting in a performance that brought value to both participants and audience members.
In preparation for the annual CPA ’40s Day, CPA eighth grade students studied the culture, art, literature, and events of the times in History, Art, and English classes. Additionally, students participated in a service project in which they gathered with local senior citizens to interview them and listen to the incredible stories from the past. The members of the “Greatest Generation” were eager to tell students about their experiences growing up in the 1940s: the food and supplies rationing, the long waits for news and letters, and the famous personalities of the times. Students learned from people whose lives at age 13 were much different than what an eighth grader experiences today. 
Boys dressed in military uniforms escorted guests into the Event Center by way of the “Mess Tent” and provided everyone with a “hash box” complete with “rations” to enjoy during the program. Preceding the USO-styled show presented by the students for their guests,  grandparents and senior citizens from the community were honored with a standing ovation. The performance itself, while an incredible display of talent and information, was both a testimony to the transformational education in multiple subject areas and a tribute to the sacrifice of a generation given to ensure freedom for people around the world. 

"It's incredibly meaningful to have men and women who actually served in WWII attend '40s Day, for students, and for these amazing seniors. Both getting to see a glimpse into their different worlds, students and their new friends from Nashville were so excited for this collaboration," explained Head of Middle School Rhonda Smith. 

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