College Counseling tours NC and SC colleges and universities

CPA's College Counseling team toured seven colleges and universities in North and South Carolina this week, exploring new paths for CPA students and connecting with alumni on campuses across the region. 
College Counselors Catherine Sawyer, Ben Gatlin, and Elizabeth Raymond, were joined by Director of Alumni Caroline Holt, and Head of Upper School Dr. Parker Altman. The tour started in Upstate South Carolina and continued to the Research Triangle of North Carolina over the course of three days. The team toured seven colleges/universities, visited 12 alumni, and met with university admissions staff to hear about the latest admissions endeavors at each campus. 

Schools on the itinerary included Furman, Wofford, Davidson, Elon, Wake Forest, UNC Chapel Hill, and Duke. Alumni at each school shared their experiences pre and post enrollment, showed their favorite parts of campus life, and updated the team on their studies and career aspirations. The trip centered around the idea of helping individual students to find their fit, spiritually, academically, financially, socially, and emotionally. The overall goal of the "Find Your Fit" mentality is to help students think critically about who they are and analyze their possibilities at various places in order to make an educated decision between a few great options.

College Counseling Mission: 
College Counseling supports students and families in their transition through and from CPA. We seek to consult and assist every student and family by connecting with them early and knowing each individual student so as to affirm their gifts and encourage them in their weaknesses. We seek to build relationships, empower students, focus on their appropriate postsecondary fit, and put the sacredness of their journey at the center of our work. 
College Counseling Vision
To broaden student and family perspectives
To equip students with all skills necessary to apply to and matriculate to college
To root this process in God’s providence and provision
To separate this process from worldly idols

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