MLK Chapel honors legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King

The annual MLK Chapel is a community event for students K-12, and parents are always invited. The Chapel's focus is the life, legacy, and gospel message of Dr. Martin Luther King, and how his work affects our lives today. 
Building a program to educate and engage students from age 5 to 18 is no small endeavor, however with the planning and contributions of Head of Upper School Dr. Parker Altman, Upper School Bible Instructor Dr. Aaron Howard, and Pastor of Theology David Filson, the morning held a potent and important message for all.  

An exerpt of Dr. King's Letter from a Birmingham Jail was read by CPC Head Pastor Scott Sauls, calling the Church to pick up the fight against racial prejudice, insighting justice for all God's people. Messages from Pastor Sauls and Pastor Filson commended the bravery and great cost of Dr. King's leadership and emphasized that the fight for justice, peace, and healing is not over. 

The program was concluded with a special guest performance by CPC worship artist Tammy Bullock singing Amazing Grace. Her voice inspired Chapel attendees to reverence for God's grace on our broken world. 

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