Media Arts Film Night features student productions

Save the date for the Media Arts Film Premiere Night this Monday, January 28, at 6:30 p.m., in the Event Center. Come relax, enjoy, and experience the phenomenal works from our filmmakers this year! 
Media Arts III/IV student directors will present their media productions, giving a glimpse into the behind the scenes process.

Featured works will include:
  • “FRAGMENTED”: Parker, a charming, but lost, high school student, starts piecing together a series of flashbacks that reveal a life he never knew existed.
  • “THE SITTERZ”: Robert and Kenny, two teenage burglars, arrive at a wealthy family’s home to steal a precious heirloom, but quickly realize this heist will be more difficult than they could ever imagined.
  • “FAMILY FUED”: A high school boy, named Tommy, arrives to pick up Rachel Prince for their first date. But when he knocks on the wrong door, he uncovers a family feud of epic proportions.

Christ Presbyterian Academy

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