Third grade visits FOX 17 Nashville news station

Third graders enjoyed a field trip to FOX 17 Nashville this week. Students learned about broadcast journalism and explored the facilities behind local news production.
Enjoying a tour led by FOX 17 meteorologist Justin Chambers, students were given a behind-the-scenes glance into the everyday life of the studio. Chambers showed off the capabilities of the news desk, teleprompters, smart cameras, backdrops, and green screen.

Students asked questions like "how do you know what to say when the camera is rolling?" and "what happens if you mess up?" Chambers discused the practice and skill necessary to handle high pressure situations on camera, as well as the responsibility their news team feels to keep greater Nashville safe and informed.

Many students left the studio excited to watch the news when they got home!

Christ Presbyterian Academy

2323-A Old Hickory Blvd. / Nashville, TN 37215 / 615-373-9550