Kindergarten Christmas Around the World

Kindergartners at CPA are enjoying their Christmas Around the World unit, an experiential learning initiative designed to introduce students to other cultures, methods of transportation, the history of Christmas, and how many of our favorite seasonal traditions come from other countries. 
Students focus on several countries each week, learning about the country, its people, and the Christmas traditions in that country. Before every excursion, students get a stamp in their passports and board a plane! The experience of takeoff and landing is reimagined in the classroom, with rows of seats, seatbelts, and the help of YouTube. 

Students have explored Germany, China, Uganda, and France, to name a few locations. Each lesson on these countries engages multiple senses with interactive crafts, music, food, and sometimes a special guest speaker or Skype meeting with a native! 

"Christmas Around the World is my favorite unit in kindergarten because it broadens our students' perspectives on Christmas to be about more than just ourselves. It's incredible to see our students grasp how different cultures celebrate this holiday in ways that are both similar and different to our customs and traditions," says Kindergarten Instructor Emily Leuk. "This unit is so near to our hearts because it reinforces God's love for the entire world, not just the world as we know it." 

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