Academy publishes 2017-18 Report on Giving

The 2017-18 CPA Annual Report on Giving is now available for digital viewing at on To view the Report on Giving, click here. Head of School Nate Morrow prefaces the summary with an expression of thanks for the community's generosity and service during the 2017-18 academic year: 
Dear CPA Community,

I hope as your read our annual Report on Giving that you will be able to feel the life-giving atmosphere here at CPA. 2017-18 saw significant changes in the Academy, and those changes were met with a variety of emotions. Those emotions are indicative of an involved, vibrant community that cares deeply for our school and our students. Our community is what helps our students, teachers, and staff thrive. We hope that you feel our trust and gratitude for your support.

That support – not just in monetary gifts, but also in volunteerism and prayer – is vital to the health and advancement of CPA. Your enthusiastic investment in all areas of the life of the school is truly an inspiration for all of us who work here and a visible demonstration of service to our students. This report is a step towards all of you as a reinforcement of your trust and an expression of gratitude to everyone who has invested in the mission and ministry of our school. In addition, with this report we seek to provide transparent evidence of the stewardship of your investment.

CPA seeks to honor and acknowledge every gift we receive – whether it is one dollar or one million dollars, whether it is prayer in the car on the way to school or in a monthly grade-level prayer group, whether it is taking tickets at an athletic event or working the concession stand at an Arts production. Each gift is part of the whole that makes us who we are: CHRIST Presbyterian Academy. Every investment matters in an education that prepares students to influence the future of our world as salt and light for the Kingdom of God.
We treasure your trust. We are committed to transparent stewardship. We are filled with gratitude for you.
Thank you,
Nathaniel H. Morrow
Head of School

Click here to make a gift to the CPA Annual Fund. Click here to learn about other ways to support the Academy. 

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