Upper school students participate in Model UN

Earlier this monrth, sixteen CPA upper school students participated in Middle Tennessee's YMCA Center for Civic Engagement's Model UN conference in Murfreesboro. 
Organized by senior Briley Thomas, this is the first time in at least ten years CPA has sent delegates to the statewide leadership development program designed to allow students to experience the processes of government in a hands-on way and simulate UN committees as mock delegates. There were approximately 900 high school students from across Tennessee attending as delegates or UN officers.
The students who participated were:
Matthew Brolund, Alex Burt, Nicholas Hinson, Sami Kate Kickert, Alison Korn, Eliza Krodel, Nelson Lamkin, Brooks McSpadden, Matthew Miller, Evins Roddy, Michael Sain, Elaina Joy Sanders, Madison Spann, Briley Thomas, Lily Thomas, Joshua Wright
Here are some individual accolades our delegates received:
Nick Hinson (senior) was awarded Outstanding Delegate. He was among 45 of the 900 delegates to be honored for his exemplary performance as a delegate.
Allison Korn (junior) was among 30 of the 900 delegates selected to participate in the first ever Secretariat Summit. The Summit was a mini committee within the conference that specialized in debating a certain topic and produced a group resolution that was presented at the final assembly.
Joshua Wright (senior), Nick Hinson (senior), and Alex Burt (junior) had their resolution passed after two days of intense presentations, debate, scrutiny, and voting by 300 delegates in General Assembly. They represented the Marshall Islands, a tiny country between Hawaii and Australia, and their resolution for the UN to provide the necessary funds to clean up the radioactive contaminated land of the Enewetak Atoll passed 49-18, which was one of the largest margins of the conference.

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