Lower school garden yields first harvest

The CPA lower school playscape rennovation this summer created a beautiful space for students to be active and explore the outdoors in a safe and creative environment. Part of the rennovation includes a learning garden where students can experiment with growing their own vegetables.
Conceptualized by Campus Designer Joanna Burt, the garden is accessible to children during play hours. Students planted cauliflower, broccoli, kale, swiss chard, basil, carrots, and several types of lettuces. In addition to the vegetables, Burt also planted sunflowers and zinnias to show the students the seeding process as it benefits birds and other wildlife. 

Visit our Instagram page (@christpresacademy) to see photos from the first garden harvest! Staff members Ann Pack and Chris Harris helped pack bags for each student to take home and enjoy.

Second graders are asked this essential question in their current Life Science unit: what do we know about God, our provider, as we study and discover all of the elements naturally created in soil? Students are exploring how living things are made of smaller parts that contribute to the operation and well being of an entire organism. Through working in the garden, they analyzed and discussed the lifecycle of a seedling to a vegetable. 

Framed by the verse Matthew 6:26, the lesson undergirds a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the Lord's provision and design of the earth. 

"My hope is that the students will not only enjoy the beauty of the gardens, but also that they would grasp a love of God's creation in their daily play," says Burt.  

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