The Matchmaker comes to CPA stage Nov. 15 & 17

CPA Arts presents The Matchmaker, the upper school mainstage play coming to the Event Center on Thursday, November 15 and Saturday, November 17. This play by Thornton Wilder enraptures audiences in adventure, escape, and madcap mishaps spreading money around “encouraging young things to grow.”
Horace Vandergelder, a wealthy merchant in nineteenth-century Yonkers, NY, decides to take a wife and employs a matchmaker, Mrs. Dolly Levi. Dolly subsequently becomes involved with two of Vandergelder's clerks, several lovely ladies, and the headwaiter at an expensive restaurant where this swift farce runs headlong into hilarious complications. After everyone gets straightened out romantically, Vandergelder finds himself affianced to the astute Dolly Levi herself.

Horace Vandergelder - Drake Dawson
Barber/Cabman/Rudolf - Tiger Dulaney
Ambrose Kemper - Luke Filson
Gertrude / Augusta - Scarritt Purdy
Cornelius Hackl - Henry Fenton
Ermengarde - Ava Ryan
Mrs. Dolly Levi- Lorelei McDaniel
Barnaby Tucker - Jon Nell
Mrs. Irene Molloy - Madeleine Hall
Minnie Fay - Rachel Perry
Rudolfa - Emma Fenton
Gypsy Violinist- Lydia 
Cook - Gracie Jernigan
Miss Flora Van Husen - Ingrid Ryan
Malachi Stack - Jack West

Entre’ Act Players
Emily Cole
Hallie Crisp
Lydia Filson
Abi Hixson
Ellie Hooven
Olivia Nunn
Luke Stephens
Kennedy Thede
Olivia Vining
Student Director/Stage Manager – Dan Ervin
Assistant Light Operator – Andrew Wright
Sound Assistant – Blake Brownlee, Annie Tapscott 
Costumes – Alison Korn, Ellie Leavell, Katherine Roe, Sarah Tapscott, Jillian Townsend
Deck Crew Captain – Hannah Roberts
Stagehands – Mary Ellis Frutchey, Phillip Fuller, Brock Horton, Madison Turner
Props – Addi Gerlach, Cady Geuther
Hair / Make-up Assistants – Isabella Meystedt, Alexis Rollins, Sarah Westmoreland

From the Artistic Director Paula Flautt: 
"I love this play!  I chose it because it is a play for everyone ---- a quick-paced comedy that is as reflective of life and relevant to our modern culture as when it was written! It's about bravery, adventure, love, priorities, gender roles, and the choice every person has to make about life ---- living apart from it, or fully engaging with it.  For entertainment it is one laugh after another --- for everyone in the audience regardless of age.  And, for the heart --- it is amazing how often the laughs are moments of realization and insight on our lives.  This is a play for the whole community!"
"And, I am so excited to see this show on stage November 15,  because these students are handling their characters and onstage connections with a deftness beyond their years. Led by seniors Madeleine Hall, Henry Fenton, Drake Dawson, Rachel Perry, Luke Filson and Gracie Jernigan, THIS is going to fill up the Event Center with delight!"

Christ Presbyterian Academy

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