Lower school Reformation Day educates and commemorates

Lower school students observed Reformation Day this week with a day full of themed, interactive activities and lessons from CPA and CPC leadership. Last year's inaugural program organized by Third Grade Instructor Beth Graham was centered around Martin Luther. This year, Ms. Graham chose another central figure of the Reformation for students to explore: William Tydale. 
Students spent the day learning, playing games, and celebrating the life, work, and impact of William Tyndale who translated the New and much of the Old Testament into English. The Bible we read today as English speakers is due to the labor and sacrifice of Tyndale. Tyndale brought the Reformation which Martin Luther began to England.

"This year we will celebrate God's goodness and faithfulness to us through the life of a courageous man who used his gift of language for the furthering of God's Kingdom in his own time and for centuries following," says Graham. 
Graham shares the deeper learning opportunities of the day: 
  • God is faithful to His church.
  • The Reformation must continue. Every generation must fight for the Bible.
  • Defending the Bible is dangerous, but worth the risk.
  • God does extraordinary things through ordinary people.
  • The gospel is everything.
  • We need to recognize and honor those men and women who made sacrifices from which we benefit every day.
  • Soli Deo Gloria, the motto and a deep core belief of our school, is one of the Reformation's famous Solas.

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