Seventh Grade Greek Day

For the past several weeks, seventh grade students have been studying the Golden Age of Greece. A cross-curricular unit, the study has involved Greek history, mythology, literature, art, philosophy, and science. With no shortage of creative activities, the middle school students glimpse into a culture with countless fingerprints on our own modern society.
Appreciation for the study of ancient worlds has grown as students discovered the extent of influence classical Greece has in their own lives, such as the myth of Theseus at the core of popular young adult fiction, The Hunger Games, the Olympics, or America's presidential election based on the concept of democracy.
Students wrote original myths in English class, created Greek theatre masks used in the Dioysian Festivals, took a closer look at algebra and astronomy in math and science class, and developed political campaigns for classical Greek heroes “running for office.” A fieldtrip to Nashville’s own Parthenon in Centennial Park allowed students an up-close exploration of the Athens temple in a local setting. 
The unit culminates in a grade-wide celebration: Greek Day. Seventh grade faculty, staff, and students don their finest togas and laurels for a student-led theatrical performance on ancient Greece. Seventh grade families enjoy Greek cuisine during the production, and peruse the myriad of projects from the unit on display. 
Academy faculty and staff work together to create an atmosphere ripe with wonder for students during this unit. To quote ancient Greek philosopher Socrates, “Wisdom begins in wonder.”

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