Eighth grade students experiment with Oobleck

Mr. Francis’s eighth grade science class experimented with Non-Newtonian substances in class this week, enjoying the popular “oobleck” unit.
Named after the Dr. Seuss book, “oobleck” is a cornstarch and water mixture that scientists call “Non-Newtonian.” The mixture does not follow Newton’s rules of liquids and their consistent and predictable rates of movement. Students explored how the substance behaves like a liquid at times and like a solid at times. It is a suspension, meaning it reacts differently with timing and pressure.
Mr. Francis explains that it is a popular unit because students get their hands dirty and are amazed at the strangeness of the substance. They create their own colors and ratios of cornstarch and water, reporting back on its properties. To watch a video of the experiment, visit CPA's Instagram feed @christpresacademy. 

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