Third grade visits Cheekwood

CPA third graders visited Cheekwood last week for an exploration of the local museum and gardens. Students have learned about the artist-in-residence Gabriel Dawe and his Fields of Light installation. 
Art Instructor Tara Stumpf explained to students the difference between an exhibition and an installation: an installation is when the art is created for a specific gallery space. The space is associative of the piece. Dawe's work is a magnificent series of colorful threads and materials that create beams of hue across the walls and ceiling. 

Students learned about Dawe's artistic process and the logistics involved in the creation of his work. They also toured the gardens outside the mansion, completing different exercises designed to help them explore the space. One of their STEAM projects on site with Instructor Ian Mullins-Zugelder involves composing photos on iPads, learning what makes a photo good, and discovering different angles of light and beauty in unique places.  =Classes also ventured into the woods surrounding the property, enjoying the secluded sculpture trails.

This trip is a favorite, and it brings out the artist in each student. Third graders are now working on their own Dawe-inspired string art! Take a peek into the lower school lobby this week to see their work. 

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