Freshman Bible Interns: seniors who serve

The Freshman Bible Internship (FBI) is a new aspect of the upper school spiritual life curriculum at CPA. The program provides an opportunity for senior students to give back to the school by serving freshmen through ministry, mentorship, and teaching. 
Senior students selected to the FBI program are assigned to a freshman Bible class. Freshman Bible classes are split up by gender this year. This month, FBI representatives Molly Thorne and Sarah Jacobs addressed girls in Andrea Denton's Bible class as they study the apostle Paul in the book of Acts. 

"Luke writes about Paul's life and the continued growth of the kingdom of God as the first century church experienced growth from times of tension and opposition. Luke uses a pattern of telling stories about tension within the church, opposition from outside the church, or tension in an individual's life followed by growth in Christ that came from the tension. To apply Luke's writings to our lives, senior FBI's led a discussion about growth that comes from tension. They shared stories from their own lives, then opened the discussion for freshmen to share times they experienced growth in Christ from times of tension or opposition," explains Denton. 

This is a significant opportunity for senior students to practice leadership and disciplining skills, as well as have authentic dialogue with their classmates. 


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