ON THE BLOG: Highway to the Danger Zone

by Leigh Graham
We all know the downside to only using Purell to clean your hands, right? If you only used antibacterial gel to wash your hands and never washed with tried-and-true soap and water, you could wind up doing more harm than good. 
Keeping yourself from all germs and bacteria actually hinders your body from being able to fight them and stay healthy.
There is a similar relationship between children and risk. When we try to protect children from all potential danger, we portray a false sense of reality. Allowing your children to add a little danger into their play has many benefits. 

Here are a few:
1. Learning more about God and His world 
The most significant benefit children experience when partaking in risky play deals with their relationship with God. We all want our children to be comfortable, happy, and successful. However, Jesus told us our lives would be the exact opposite when he said, “In this world you will have trouble” (John 16:33). As parents and teachers, we have been called to prepare the children entrusted to us to engage with a world that is fallen, full of dangers, disappointments, and disasters. We have been called to instill in them the knowledge that this world is not our true home. How will children be prepared for these inevitable hard things if they are not allow to experience anything? Read more...

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