Stephen Mansfield speaks to faculty and staff

Faculty and staff returned to campus this week for professional development, preparing for the new school year. A unique time when teachers and staff can focus, refresh, and grow in expertise, professional development often features a keynote speaker. 
This year's guest was New York Times best-selling author, speaker, thought-leader on faith, politics, and culture, and also alumni Dad, Stephen Mansfield. Mansfield shared his story of redemption and refinement and the teachers who impacted his trajectory. Referred to in his young days as a "dumb jock," Mansfield was labeled as academically challenged and held to very low expectations. His experience at a Christian university with tenacious, life-giving professors taught him the beauty and value of his own mind. 

Mansfield went on to pursue several degrees, a doctorate, ministry, writing, and eventually produced one of the most influential works on President George W. Bush, The Faith of George W. Bush. His other books are highly regarded and his scholarship on Lincoln, Churchill, and the Kurdish people is notable.

Mansfield urged faculty to realize the power they have over students, especially those more vulnerable. 

"The combination of salvation, mentoring from teachers and leaders, and the relentless pursuit of God's promises changed everything for me. The work that you do as intellectual ministers matters," said Mansfield. 

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