ON THE BLOG: The Case for Summer Reading

While summer reading may seem like another item to add to your kid’s to-do list, here’s a brief rundown of why it’s so important to read all the time, especially during the slower months of June and July.
It is healthy for kids to engage in narratives of all kinds at all times. American novelist William Styron once said: “a great book should leave you with many experiences and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.”Few things can shape our understanding of the world or give us new perspective like reading a good book. Engaging in narratives allows us to step outside of our lives and step into the mind of a character, experience another setting, explore different worlds, or feel new and complex emotions. It is essential for kids to grow through these exchanges, exercising their intellects, and molding their perception of themselves and how they fit into the world.  Summer gives kids the time and space to properly immerse themselves in the intentional act of reading, the strategies of reading, and ultimately learn the joy of reading.


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