Third graders attend global hunger panel

Third graders are learning about global hunger, communities that suffer from hunger, causes of food shortage, and local and national advocates and solutions.
A panel of speakers presented on these issues last week giving students the opportunity to dig deeper, hear about solutions, and ask questions. The panel included Eric Taft with Rise Against Hunger, CPA eighth grader Miller Anne Mayernick (mother Suzanne Mayernick founded Love One International), Chris Hobday on the board of directors for Lwala Community Alliance, CPA Director of Spiritual Life Jim Lee, and Pastor at the Bellevue YMCA Chuck Frazier.
Experts shared about their non-profits and the people they serve. Rise Against Hunger has made and shipped meals for millions around the world. In countries such as Kenya, some adults make only $1 a day, making nutrition and shelter impossible for families. The impoverished and homeless population in our own Nashville community also suffers from malnutrition. One out of every five children in Nashville does not have enough food to be healthy and active. One out of every nine people in the world suffer from chronic malnutrition.
Students asked questions like: “What is it like to be homeless?” “Do you believe God called you to a specific country?” and “If someone doesn’t have clean drinking water, what do they do?”
Panel speaker Miller Anne Mayernick described the challenges facing the children in many of the countries that One Love International serves. Other panel speakers offered ways that kids can help and get involved at all levels. Nashville’s vibrant scene of non-profit ministries is actively at work to combat hunger.
Eric Taft challenged the students to research two local campaigns: This is Possible 2030 and the Zero Hunger Challenge. Students will continue to research issues and develop their own ideas on how to get involved.

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