Seniors Gwyneth Walker and Shaoey Chapman present at scientific research symposium

Seniors Gwyneth Walker and Shaoey Chapman presented the results of their original research projects they conducted this year at the Senior Scientific Research Symposium this week.
Gwyneth studied the effects of Vitamin A on the visual color perception of fruit flies, and Shaoey studied the effects of natural and artificial sweeteners on the overall health of earthworms.

Shaoey was chosen to present at the annual Tennessee Junior Academy of Science (TJAS) meeting on Friday, April 20, at Belmont University for a chance to win $500 and the opportunity to present at the annual National Association of Academies of Science (AJAS) conference in Washington, D.C. next February. Shaoey’s paper will be published in this year’s TJAS journal.

Gwyneth’s results showed no significant change in color perception when administering Vitamin A supplements to fruit flies. She supported the null hypothesis with her research. Shaoey found that some artificial sweeteners and honey can impact the mass of organisms. While directionality of impact on mass is unclear due to the small sample size, her specific results showed an increase in mass for three major artificial sweeteners but showed a decrease in mass for honey.
“Gwyneth and Shaoey are able to look at the world through an analytical lens. They always want to understand why something is happening. Both overcame numerous obstacles as they set out to discover the answer to their hypotheses this year. They both grappled with the best methods for testing their hypotheses and worked hard to acquire data. Gwyneth had to learn the art of defending a null hypothesis (meaning there was no observable change). Shaoey had to delve deep into statistical analysis to determine the significance of her data. Both of them crafted eloquent scientific papers worthy of publication in a scientific journal,” explained Instructor of US Biology Amber Romaine.

The Academy is extremely proud of both students for their insight, curiosity, and exploration of hypothesis.




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